We are proud to be the only ABA, ALUP and PNEUMATECH air compressor partner in Devon and Cornwall. We carry stock of ABAC and ALUP spares for next day delivery. Our experienced team are happy to help you specify the right compressor for your application, and aim to guarantee energy efficient savings. ABAC and ALUP air compressors come with a two-year warranty as standard, with an optional five-year extension.

Proven Efficient Energy Savings

Using state-of-the-art technology, our team will provide a consultation on your compressed air requirements. They will help assess your current energy efficiency, and your potential energy efficiency that can often result when the correct air compressor is installed.

By running real-time software on your current operations, we are able to model the potential savings. In many cases, the savings can be tens of thousands of pounds. When we return to site months after installation to ensure your energy savings are being realised, we find they have often exceeded the initial forecast. 

To help reduce your energy bills and improve the efficiency of your operation, why not arrange your compressed air consultation with one of our specialists today!

Selecting the Right Air Compressor

Air compressors can be very easily purchased from many on-line retailers.  However, compressors should always be specified and installed by a qualified engineer. There have been many accidents as a result of misuse of compressed air, and on some occasions these have been fatal. In addition, it is vital to select the correct compressor for your application to ensure your energy bills are minimised.  

An air compressor is where the pneumatic system begins and you need the right one to suit your system. We can help you specify the right air compressor for your present and future needs, as well as recommend and supply any pneumatic pipework and other accessories needed.

If you have any questions regarding air compressors, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of compressed air specialists today.