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To increase the efficiency of a compressed air system used in the manufacturing of jet turbines.

the challenge

The market for jet turbines has become extremely buoyant and, as a result, many manufacturers have invested heavily in R&D to keep ahead of the competition. 

With increasing up-front investment, the need to manufacture the turbines as efficiently as possible has become increasingly imperative. One of the contributing factors that adds cost, but no value, to manufacturers’ operations is the cost of energy during the manufacturing process. 

In 2015, we were invited to consult on the possibility of increasing the efficiency of a compressed air system for a large jet turbine manufacturer.

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Refrigerated air dryer Ultrafilter for compressor air

the concept

With our vast experience of compressor installation and servicing, coupled with our partnership with the leading compressor manufacturers, we were able to recommend utilisation of a sophisticated measurement tool that would simulate a number of new compressor room installation configurations and compare this to their current system. 

Following in-depth analysis of the energy survey report and consultation with the customer, we were able to prove and recommend a solution that provided significant cost savings and improved the configuration of the compressor room, providing longer term flexibility to the design of the manufacturing plant.


the solution

We fitted our specialist air measurement tool to capture the usage of compressed air over the period of one typical working week. The software measured both air consumption and energy used at a standard kWh rate. Once the data was collated, our team analysed the results. A number of alternative solutions were simulated on the software to test the efficiency of the compressed air system.

Having previously consulted with the customer to understand their future plans, potential peaks in production and existing challenges, our engineering team recommended the utilisation of an existing Atlas Copco GA75 coupled with a new ALUP Allegro 90 variable speed compressor along with the installation of an EControl 6 smart controller to ensure greater control of the compressor to maximise efficiency and energy savings. 

Our total compressed air solution to the customer included dryers, air receivers and the complete re-piping of the compressor plant room, all designed and installed by our highly skilled engineers.

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Refurbished Hydraulic Roller Hook Actuators from LCU's


Supplying a Hydraulic Power Unit and cooler & chiller units for the flushing rigs used on the S80 submarine projects.

Ongoing work with Babcock Marine to ensure stringent marine hydraulics maintenance is achieved.

Designing & manufacutring a range of portable flushing rigs to be used in Naval Warship applications.