Hydraulic cylinders for landing crafts


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Hydraulic Cylinders


Devonport, UK


To assess the existing mast hydraulics of landing crafts, and carry out health checks to ensure all equipment is functioning safely.

the challenge

We have worked with the Landing Craft business unit in Devonport for many years, initially supplying flexible DefStan 47-32 hose assemblies during refit.

In September 2017 we started looking at the mast hydraulics because it was found the existing high-pressure system hydraulics were leaking in front of operatives and was extremely dangerous.

Modern-day standards state that you are not able to have any pressure above 30 bar in the cab of any machine. This system was over 200 bar in the wheelhouse and therefore very important that it did not leak.

devonport landing crafts
A selection of Hydraulic Cylinder Actuators taken from an LCU for Inspection and Overhaul

the solution

We have been able to upgrade the pipework with Parker E02 Leak-Free tube & fittings which has removed all hydraulic leaks from the wheelhouse. All of the actuators were also refurbished at the same time because it became apparent that the only way to remove the actuators was to remove all of the pipework.

We have explored the hydraulic circuits of the craft and written a new scheme of works along with Babcock to carry out health checks of the craft to ensure that every function operates as it should and that safety cross over systems are active, this has also been expanded to check the functionality of the Kedge Winch System for Payout etc.

the outcome

Additionally, we also got involved with the fuel systems in December 2018 where we would strip, survey and repair the fuel pumps on the Coalescing system and remove filters and replace them as required.

Hydraulic Ice Breaker cylinders are an integral part of LCU and we have been commissioned by the Landing Craft Business unit to overhaul and repair the 2 pairs of Ice breaker Cylinders per craft at each refit or replace with new if beyond economical repair.

Refurbished Hydraulic Roller Hook Actuators from LCU's

What our client said

Over the last 7 years we have built up a fantastic working relationship with Derek Lane. They understand the unique way we have to work at LC, to meet the needs of our customer. They do not only supply hoses, they put intelligence behind our demands to make sure we get what is needed. We also use their service engineers in support of Hydraulics and fuel systems. A great team that we couldn’t do without.
Richard Farley
Engineering Support and Logistics Manager - Landing Craft CES


Supplying a Hydraulic Power Unit and cooler & chiller units for the flushing rigs used on the S80 submarine projects.

Ongoing work with Babcock Marine to ensure stringent marine hydraulics maintenance is achieved.

Designing & manufacutring a range of portable flushing rigs to be used in Naval Warship applications.