manufacturing hydraulic warship flushing rigs


Defence Support


Hydraulic Flushing Rigs




To design and manufacture a range of portable flushing rigs to be used in Naval Warship applications.

the challenge

Derek Lane & Co were contacted by one of our large Defence Support customers and asked to replace and improve upon their existing portable hydraulic flushing rigs.

Although existing units were already in use, they were nearly 30 years old; they were large, cumbersome and the technology was out of date.

Our brief was to supply units that were at least 25% smaller in size but also at least 25% lighter, with added new technology to be in line with today’s requirements.

solidworks design model of hydraulic warship flushing rig
Solidworks 3D design model.
hydraulic warship flushing rig finished unit
Photo of actual finished unit.

the solution

Utilising our Solidworks 3D computer-aided design software, our technical team came up with a proposal that not only met but exceeded the brief required. The first six units were delivered on time and in full.

The utilisation of Solidworks is a great platform to show customers exactly what they will get and is a superb tool for our internal technical team to design systems in very fine detail.


Supplying a Hydraulic Power Unit and cooler & chiller units for the flushing rigs used on the S80 submarine projects.

Ongoing work with Babcock Marine to ensure stringent marine hydraulics maintenance is achieved.

Inspection and overhaul of Hydraulic Ice Breaker Cylinders in Landing Crafts.