We have been a key supplier to Babcock Marine in Devonport for over 15 years and understand the requirement to ensure the correct item is specified for fit, form and function, as well as ensuring items are supplied in a timely manner to ensure this does not affect production or docking schedules.

To ensure continuity of supply whilst maintaining stringent quality management systems, any items not immediately available are sourced from known suppliers and the best availability is communicated. In addition, if we establish there is an on-going issue with supply of a part, we will seek and advise Babcock of an alternative and, where required, the alternative part supply is formally documented through a concession application system.

Due to the nature of supply to Babcock, there are various rigorous procedures that are followed such as any specific packing requirements which are recorded in our ERP system and automatically communicated to our distribution teams. In addition, not only are we BFPA approved for hose assemblies, we are one of only three businesses in the UK that have DefStan 47-32 hose assembly accreditation, which documents the high standards of hose assembly from supply chain to assembly, packaging and installation.

As part of our contact with Babcock, we formally review our performance collaboratively on a monthly and quarterly basis, and have set KPIs to achieve, such as OTIF, which stands at 94%, delivery accuracy, invoice accuracy, product quality and acknowledgements. If there is any risk or corrective action required, this is agreed and closely monitored until the risk is low and/or the KPI target is met.