Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are one of the key elements of any fluid power system. At Derek Lane & Co, we carry an extensive range of hydraulic pumps and can advise you on the most suitable pump for your hydraulic application.

We have over 40 years of experience working with businesses across a range of industries throughout the UK, providing bespoke hydraulic solutions with quick turnaround times.

UK Hydraulic Pump Supplier

We can supply any type of hydraulic pump, from simple hand pumps to gear pumps, with pressure ratings up to 700 bar. We offer free technical advice, and all pumps are configurable to customer requirements for next-day delivery. All hydraulic pumps are supplied complete with in-depth technical data.

Our team of hydraulic engineers understands the importance of a reliable pump that operates efficiently, and the need to select the right pump for the operational requirements. To ensure our customers make the correct selection, we consider the application and advise on the options available.

We have helped many customers, specifying pumps for applications such as mobile and industrial equipment, lifting systems, press brakes, refuse and recycling equipment, and forklifts.

We also offer complete hydraulic pump repairs from our state-of-the-art facility in Newton Abbot, Devon.

Sourcing Hydraulic Pumps

In addition to the extensive range of gear pumps and piston pumps we hold in stock, we source high-quality hydraulic pumps from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including:

For any hydraulic pump our customers are interested in, we will provide a free download link to a technical PDF.

For many of our customers, we often find that one of the main challenges is locating or replacing a hydraulic pump that has become obsolete. Our experienced hydraulic engineers can source a replacement or a direct equivalent, so please call a member of our team now, who will be on hand to help.

Extensive Range of Hydraulic Pumps

We stock a large number of hydraulic pumps ready to be configured to your requirements and shipped out from our facility in Devon, UK.

Our range includes:

• Hydraulic hand pumps
• Hydraulic gear pumps
• Hydrostatic pumps 
• Fixed displacement pumps
• Variable displacement pumps
• Axial piston pumps
• Radial piston pumps
• Rotary vane pumps
• Bent axis piston pumps
• Screw pumps


Gear Pumps

If you are looking for speed and are restricted by budget, then gear pumps will often be the preferred option for your application.

Gear pumps provide smooth operations and are ideal for pressures around 210 bar.

If the application is non-arduous, and continuous use is not a requirement, then aluminium gear pumps are usually the right selection and are very competitive. However, cast iron gear pumps are also an option for more arduous applications, but you will need to pay more.

Piston Pumps

Hydraulic piston pumps are the ideal selection if your applications are for mobile and construction equipment, marine, offshore or industrial, due to the large flows required at high pressures within such applications.

Although piston pumps are more expensive than gear pumps, they have a higher degree of efficiency and are built to withstand the harshest conditions.

Vane Pumps

Although the least popular of the hydraulic pumps, if your application requires a constant flow and low noise levels are important, hydraulic vane pumps should be considered.

Vane pumps can be operated in reverse, and are typically used for viscous, lubricating oils.

Custom Hydraulic Pump Configuration

Whilst there is a huge range of hydraulic pumps available off-the-shelf, there is often the requirement to make slight adjustments and re-configure hydraulic pumps to suit customers’ needs. The changes can be as simple as a change of direction or rotation or gear pumps stacking to complex additions such as load sensing valves and pressure sensing functionality.

At Derek Lane & Co, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all, and we’re fully equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience to provide custom hydraulic pump configurations to suit the requirements of your application.

Our hydraulic engineers will aim to understand the best pump suitable for the customer’s application, the flow rate required within the hydraulic system, the nominal and peak pressure of the application, the hydraulic circuit type, and any restriction to dimensions or weight.

Taking account of all the necessary information, our hydraulic engineers can propose the perfect hydraulic pump, which we will configure to the agreed specification. We will then place the finished hydraulic pump through extensive testing and, when required, arrange full commissioning and installation of the hydraulic pump.

UK Hydraulic Pump Experts

Derek Lane & Co can assist with your hydraulic pump requirements, no matter where you are located in the UK. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf replacement or a custom hydraulic pump build, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of hydraulic specialists today.