On-Site Engineering Services

We are experienced engineering problem solvers

We have a team of highly trained, qualified and motivated site service engineers.

Supported by back-room engineers and the latest specialist equipment we are here to provide our on-site engineering services whenever the need arises.

Here for emergency on-site engineering​

We understand how machine downtime can impact your business and are committed to delivering fast, quality-assured repairs, first time. When it comes to fluid power engineering, we are the experts and our regular maintenance contracts and preventative maintenance programs have helped many customers improve their production efficiencies.

From filter changes to complete power unit overhauls, our experienced on-site service engineers are constantly looking to add value for our customers. We have an extensive fluid power service and repair capability for all hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components.

Our services include:

  • On-site assistance in trouble-shooting, maintenance, testing and repair
  • Performance analysis and optimisation
  • Providing components ‘ready for application’
  • Flushing, pipework installation and pressure testing
  • Power unit installations and commissioning
  • Compressed air installations
  • Modification and upgrade of existing fluid power systems

Energy Saving Initiatives

• Vibration analysis

• Compressed air audit

• Health-checks as part of fully managed service plans

Free Compressed Air Audit

We hold large stocks on site, available for collection at our trade counter.

We also have access to over 250 fluid power brands, available for next day delivery to your premises.

How downtime impacts manufacturers

A 2017 study by Oneserve found that downtime, such as broken machines and faulty equipment, accounts for:

  • 3% of all annual lost working days
  • 49 hours of work per year
  • £31,000 per company, per annum

When manufacturers were polled as part of the research, it was discovered that 53% of machinery downtime is caused by internal faults. These faults are hard to flag before the fact, so it is critically important that you have on-site support ready and waiting to minimise downtime.

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On-site engineering services in South West, UK

Derek Lane & Co are based in Newton Abbot, Devon. We offer on-site emergency engineering services for businesses in any industry across the UK.

Our team of expert engineers can get your equipment back up and running at peak performance in a timely manner, to minimise operational downtime.

Simply fill in the contact form, or call us on 01626 831400 or email [email protected]