There are many hydraulic hose assembly businesses throughout the UK, but what makes Derek Lane unique is that we are one of the only businesses who provide high quality, DefStan accredited, leak-free hydraulic hose assemblies suitable for defence, ships, MoD and aerospace.

We have our own hose assembly operation that we run under our own roof in Newton Abbott, providing a rapid high-quality hose assembly service to Exeter, Cornwall, Somerset and all over the UK. With many years of experience, and operating to stringent processes, we ensure our customers always get a safe, high quality, assembled hydraulic hose.

Our DefStan accreditation was awarded to us in 2003, and since then we have dealt with many of the major suppliers to the Ministry of Defence (MoD)  including BaE, Babcock, Lockheed Martin and many more. More recently, our hose assemblies have been placed on many of the major ships and we supply many of the major dockyards such as Devenport dockyard and Portsmouth dockyard.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Service

Our fluid power technicians support customers, advising on the best hose assembly for the application, as well as assisting with precise measurements for hose assemblies, and rules and recommendations for hose assembly installations. We take into account various technical elements of hydraulic hose installations, such as impulse cycles and bend radius; this ensures the operation runs safely, smoothly and maximises its life-cycle.

Our team provide a complete end-to-end solution for your hydraulic hose assembly requirements. Not only do we measure up and advise on the right hose, our team follow stringent processes to manufacture high quality, safe hose assemblies which can be cleaned to customer requirements and delivered in kits for line-side service, colour coded for ease of installation.

Hassle-free Complete Hose Assembly Solution

Our engineers can also provide a complete hassle-free solution.

One of our experienced hydraulic engineers will happily visit your site  to provide a free complete health check of your system, make recommendations for your approval, source any products required, including the manufacture of any hose, then come back to site and replace any defective products. 

All our engineers are highly experienced hydraulic engineers who go though continuous training, ensuring they provide customers with a high-quality fluid power installation that is ready for safe operation.

We're here to help with any hose assembly requirements.

Please call our fluid power technicians now to discuss any questions or support you require with your hose assemblies. We have a specialist division who deal with MoD requirements and DefStan hose assembly requirements, who are happy to provide a free consultation.