Investments into new workshop equipment


Derek Lane & Co


Machine Shop Equipment


Devon, UK


To upgrade our current machine shop equipment in order to expand our capacity and complexity capabilities.

the challenge

It was clear that by using some of the current machinery in our workshops, we didn’t have the size capacity or complexity abilities which meant more complicated parts meant longer lead times and unnecessary outsourcing which was not cost-effective for our customers.

A decision, therefore, was made to invest in new machinery to keep us ahead of the curve and to satisfy customer demand, whilst keeping us competitive.

Derek Lane's Machine Shop
RMX5000 Bed Mill
RMX5000 Bed Mill

XYZ RMX 5000

7.5HP programmable variable speed head
1930 x 356mm table
1524 x 596 x 584mm travel
Programmable 5000 RPM spindle

XYZ1550 Manual Lathe
XYZ1550 Manual Lathe

XYZ 1550

Swing over bed 390mm
Between centres 750-1250mm
Fully equipped

the solution

Derek Lane & Co have invested heavily into new, top quality Lathe and Milling machines during 2020 to complement existing machine shop equipment.

We have worked closely with XYZ Machine tools for many years. We are lucky enough to have Mark Venn, our Operations Director and ex-Production Manager at XYZ on hand to advise which machines were best for our business.

We, therefore, decided to purchase an RMX5000 Bed Mill and an XYZ1550 Manual Lathe to compliment the machines we have in our workshops.

the outcome

All of this has meant that our skilled and trained machine shop engineers can take on most applications in house and deliver quality machined parts for a whole range of Fluid Power and Mechanical applications.

Machine shop at Derek Lane


Installing three 160kW hydraulic power units for the largest stone crusher in the UK.

Measuring how to increase the efficiency of a compressed air system for a large jet turbine manufacturer.

Inspection and overhaul of Hydraulic Ice Breaker Cylinders in Landing Crafts.