Hydraulic Power Packs

With over 40 years of hydraulic experience, our engineers at Derek Lane are happy to provide technical consultation on hydraulic power unit (HPU) design, manufacture, and installation, to customers’ specific requirements.

Quality assurance and project management are controlled throughout the process, thanks to our in-house design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning capability.

We work with businesses throughout the UK, across a range of sectors including construction, industrial, quarrying, defence & marine, to provide complete hydraulic power pack solutions.

Hydraulic Power Pack Design

As standard, we design hydraulic systems using 3D CAD design systems which enables complete vision and tailored specifications to customer requirements.

Our engineers incorporate the most up-to-date control technology using PLC controllers and electronic drive controllers and ensure that efficiency is built into the hydraulic power unit at every stage.

Our senior engineers follow a rigorous process to understand the application and source the correct products to meet the technical needs and lifecycle of the application, as well as the budget. We often find that hydraulic systems can be over-engineered, and with some simple (and sometimes complex) modifications, there can be significant savings.

From our state-of-the-art facility in Newton Abbot, Devon, we offer complete hydraulic power pack design, repair, and build solutions bespoke to your exacting specifications.


Hydraulic power units are used in many applications and have three broad ranges:

General Use

General use hydraulic power units use a standard range of modular components for easy specification, assembly, and maintenance in the most demanding industrial applications. With motors up to 30kW, flow rates to 100 l/min, tank capacities to 180 litres, and pressure capability to 250 bar, we can offer a hydraulic power unit system to meet most industrial requirements.


Compact hydraulic power packs are modular but have flow rates of up to 25 l/min, with maximum pressure up to 300 bar. DC motors can generate up to 4kW and AC motors up to 7.5kW. They are very versatile and are used across many mobile applications.


Bespoke hydraulic power units are used for heavy-duty mobile and industrial applications, powered by electric motors. In such systems, flows can exceed 200 l/min and pressure can often go beyond 300 bar. They are designed to specific customer and application requirements and can be either fixed displacement or variable displacement units.

Choosing a Hydraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic power units are the main components in most hydraulic systems. They are capable of generating a huge amount of power to drive hydraulic rams (or hydraulic cylinders). When designing a hydraulic power unit, the choice of motor, pump, filtration, control valves, relief valves, hose, tube, and fittings, as well as the size and dimension of the reservoir, are crucial in providing an operationally safe and highly efficient hydraulic power unit.

Our experienced hydraulic engineers have access to all the major manufacturers across the world including Eaton, Parker, Rexroth, Danfoss, Hydac, and many more. They are highly experienced in selecting the correct products for the application. In addition, we manage all the fabrication in-house and are able to size and shape the design of the hydraulic power unit to specific customer requirements.

Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf replacement for your hydraulic power pack, or a completely bespoke solution for your application – Derek Lane & Co can help.

We welcome any questions on your hydraulic power unit requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of hydraulic specialists today!