We hold extensive stocks of Legris, Transair, Airnet and PCL compressed air fittings for same day collection and next day delivery. We are proud to be the only ABAC air compressor partner in Devon and Cornwall.

Air compressor fittings and connectors are compact but are very important in the performance of any air compressors and the tools they are used with. The right fittings help ensure a constant flow of air and pressure within the hoses, optimising the performance of the air tools.

Extensive Range of Air Compressor Fittings

No matter what the application – air tools, paint sprayers, blowers, tyre inflators, etc. – we have an extensive range of air compressor fittings to meet all requirements. Our range includes: 

  • Quick release couplings
  • Schrader couplings and plugs
  • Airflow couplings and plugs
  • Vertex couplings
  • Standard safety couplings
  • Twin standard Y couplings
  • Uni Hi flow couplings and plugs
  • Hose tails

If you have any questions regarding compressed air fittings, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of compressed air specialists today.